Welcome to
AR Treasure Hunt 2023!
The Biggest Treasure Hunt of Nepal

Preliminary Round

Analyze our clues, search for answers online and progress ahead!

Online - 23rd November

Escape the Building

Solve clues, find essential items and escape the Virtual Building!

Online - 24th November

Final AR Hunt

Hunt for treasures in real world, blending with virtual objects in AR

Physical - 26th November

Registrations Closed!!
1. What is AR Treasure Hunt?
AR Treasure Hunt is an exciting interactive adventure where participants solve clues using augmented reality to discover hidden treasures.
2. What is the date of AR Treasure Hunt 2023?

Round 1 - Online (November 23)

Round 2 - Online (November 24)

Round 3 - Physical at Patan Durbar Square (November 26)

3. How can I register for the event?
Click the Register button at the top of this page to open the registration form.
4. What is Decoding Decade?
Introducing the AR Treasure Hunt Giveaway: #DecodingDecade is a series of 10 thrilling online challenges that get more exciting as you go!
5. How to Participate in DecodingDecade?
To join in the fun, here's what you need to do:

1. Team Registration : Sign up your team for AR Treasure Hunt 2023.

2. Solve the Clue: Put on your thinking caps and solve the clue to get the required image.

3. Social Media Sharing: Share that image on your social media pages.

4. Follow Us: Don't forget to follow AR Treasure Hunt and KU IT Meet on social media to stay in the loop about clues and updates.

6. Is there a registration fee to participate?
No, the participation is absolutely free.
7. What are the prizes for the event?
We have very exciting and fantastic prizes for our winners.
8. Is there an age limitation for the participants?
There are no age limitations for participating in the game.
9. Can I participate as an individual or as a team?
You can register as an individual or in a team of maximum 3 members.
10. Can I participate in the event with no prior experience of AR?
Yes, you can!! This event is designed for participants of all experience levels. Instructions and tutorials will be provided for your ease.
11. What safety measures should be taken during the event?
We advise you to wear a comfortable uniform and footwear to gear up for the event as you have to be quick. Stay hydrated and be aware of the surroundings. Apply sun protection and/or use sunglasses in case of sunny weather.
12. How long is the event going to last?
The duration of the event can vary, but it is expected to be approximately 4 hours.
13. How are the clues and challenges provided to participants?
Clues and challenges are shared on our official social media platforms.
14. Can I volunteer to help in the event?
Yes, we welcome volunteers to assist in the event. Please fill out the volunteer form if you’re interested. [Link]
15. Will there be food or drinks available during the event?
Yes, food and drinks will be available during the event.
16. Can I cancel my registration at any time?
Yes! All you have to do is write us an email at [email]. We discourage cancellations close to the event as that would hamper our preparations for the event.
17. Can I transfer my registration to another person if I’m unable to attend?
Only participants that have been qualified from the previous rounds are eligible to participate in the main event.
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